Irregular Warfare Center (IWC) Leadership To Participate in the Irregular Warfare Symposium

A leadership team of IW subject matter experts representing the Irregular Warfare Center is scheduled to attend the Irregular Warfare Symposium at Fort Bragg, N.C., from May 1-3, 2023. The event is hosted by the National Defense University (NDU) and College of International Affairs (CISA) in conjunction with the U.S. Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School. The […]

The Defender’s Dilemma: Identifying and Deterring Gray-Zone Aggression

Elisabeth Braw’s central thesis in The Defender’s Dilemma: Identifying and Deterring Gray-Zone Aggression is that gray-zone aggression has become an increasingly more pervasive and complex challenge for nations than traditional war and that defense strategies are often inadequate to address gray-zone aggression. Braw pointedly argues that gray-zone aggression, which refers to acts of aggression that fall between the traditional definitions of peace and war, has emerged as the preferred mode of modern conflict as states seek to assail Western institutions and values through non-traditional means, such as cyber-attacks, disinformation campaigns, and economic coercion.

The Defense Security Cooperation University and the Irregular Warfare Center To Host University Days Event

The Defense Security Cooperation University’s (DSCU) newly established Irregular Warfare Center (IWC) is scheduled to host its fourth Irregular Warfare (IW)-themed event, University Days, April 25-26, 2023, at the DSCU’s Arlington, Va. Campus. The purpose of University Days is to provide an opportunity for academic institutions to learn more about the Center’s programs and initiatives and meet DSCU and IWC […]

The Conceptualization of Irregular Warfare in Europe

This report is the first in a series of volumes in which the Irregular Warfare Center (IWC) explores the commonalities and differences of the conceptualization of irregular warfare across U.S. allies and partners. This initial volume compares and contrasts this conceptualization among five European academic institutions: the Netherlands Defence Academy, the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment, the Swedish Defence University, the European Centre of Excellence for Countering Hybrid Threats, and the Military Academy of Lithuania. Each of these institutions replied to surveys the IWC designed, assessing how these institutions individually conceptualize and teach irregular warfare and related concepts.