IWC Annual Summary.

IWC Annual Summary


Since its establishment, the Irregular Warfare Center (IWC) has met Congressional intent as defined in the National Defense Authorization Act of 2023. The irregular challenges facing the United States and key partners and allies are extensive. Before the creation of the IWC, the Department of Defense (DOD) lacked a central mechanism for developing irregular warfare (IW) knowledge and advancing IW concepts and doctrine in concert with the international community.

To accomplish its mission, the IWC conducted activities with more than 20 countries in 2023, developed solid links with the US Interagency, and began outreach to industry partners and civilian academia. The IWC established a solid foundation in Eastern Europe in resistance and resilience (R2) capacity building, which will lead to an irregular deterrence capability deterring further aggression in the region. In the INDOPACIFIC region, the IWC began work to counter Chinese influence among at-risk populations. Both of these regional efforts will continue in 2024 and beyond.

The IWC developed a strong partnership with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and conducted several Interagency programs overseas. These programs built on the FBI’s capacity-building efforts to include whole-of-government programs to counter irregular threats.

With its early successes, the IWC has become the partner of choice in building the capacity to counter threats and shape active responses to IW challenges. Several partner nations have contacted the IWC directly for enhanced, whole-of-government capacity building.

Despite these successes, much work remains to adequately prepare the United States and its partners and allies to meet and counter irregular challenges. The IWC is actively adapting and using foresight methodology to keep its programs current and ahead of these challenges.