IW Global Network.

IW Global Network

The IW Global Network is strategically established to address specific areas of interest, focusing primarily on confronting global irregular challenges. The IW Global Network consists of several Functional Area Networks (FANs) which are identified in collaboration with the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Special Operations/Low Intensity Conflict (ASD SO/LIC) and our global partners.

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New FANs continuously arise as the community identifies needs, and the Center expands its efforts to encompass additional areas of focus. This adaptive approach ensures that the FANs remain responsive to evolving irregular challenges.


FANs aim to foster a cohesive effort across the Department of Defense (DoD), Interagency (IA), private sector, and global partners. This collective approach aims to maximize Irregular Warfare capabilities and ensuring a comprehensive whole-of-government response to irregular challenges.


These networks are versatile and capable of accomplishing a broad spectrum of objectives including:


Knowledge Sharing: Facilitating the exchange of expertise, experiences, and best practices among members.

Resource Mobilization: Pooling resources collaboratively to fund projects, initiatives, or campaigns related to shared interests.

Awareness and Education: Raising awareness about specific issues and engaging in educational activities to inform both the public and community members.

Collective Problem Solving: Addressing challenges collectively by leveraging the diverse skills and perspectives of community members.

Functional Area Networks

Contested Logistics FAN

The Contested Logistics network is comprised of a diverse group of professionals who work to combat sustainment and logistical challenges across the globe in both contested and uncontested environments. This includes all domains that target logistical operations, facilities, and activities in the U.S., abroad, or in transit. Our goal is to foster strong relationships across the globe and leverage this community to allocate resources and support on a global scale.

Mission Assurance FAN

The Mission Assurance network is comprised of individuals who work to identify vulnerability risks to key DoD missions and their stakeholders worldwide. Our goal is to foster strong relationships across the globe and leverage this community on a global scale while reducing threats posed by adversaries to key DoD missions.

Medical Resilience FAN

The Medical Resilience network consists of a diverse array of medical professionals dedicated to conducting medical operations in austere, contested, and denied environments. Our main goal is to foster global collaboration among subject matter experts, facilitating the exchange of essential insights and actions related to medicine in the context of irregular warfare.

Intelligence FAN

The Intelligence network is comprised of intelligence focused professionals and consumers of intelligence products. Our goal is to foster strong relationships between these two groups while leveraging their expertise in the context of irregular warfare.

Operations in the Information Environment (OIE) FAN

The OIE network serves as a force multiplier for educating and problem-solving in the field of information operations. It involves coordinating efforts to plan, synchronize, and assess non-lethal capabilities across various domains, including psychological operations, cyberspace operations, civil-military operations, public affairs, operations security, and military deception.

Emerging Technology FAN

The Emerging Technology network focuses on understanding and capitalizing on technological advancements that possess the potential to significantly shape the landscape of irregular warfare. This focus extends beyond traditional military capabilities to the complexities of asymmetric conflict, where non-state actors, private entities, and unconventional forces operate ensuring education and preparedness in a rapidly evolving domain where technology can be both an asset and a challenge.


Student Working Group

The Student Working Group (SWG) represents the IWC’s connection to civilian institutions of higher education and aims to create a supportive environment for academically talented and motivated young individuals. Within this network, students will actively participate in advanced learning, intellectual exploration, and collaborative projects related to IW. The group provides opportunities for participants to delve into challenging subjects, engage in research activities, and connect with both like-minded peers and experienced professionals.

Join A Network

For more information or to join an IWC Functional Area Network please email fan@irregularwarfarecenter.org.