The Irregular Warfare Center provides translations of original Russian and Chinese language primary source material on irregular warfare-related topics to facilitate fair use of the provided publication by researchers, practitioners, and partners upon request. IWC shares these translations as part of our mandate to inform research efforts aimed at illuminating and addressing irregular threats and threat trends. The translation and publication do not constitute approval by the U.S. Government of the contents, inferences, findings, and conclusions contained therein. Unauthorized posting of provided translated material online or further distribution of provided translated material is prohibited. Provision of translated materials is solely to further U.S. Government collaboration with a non-commercial entity seeking to use the provided translated materials to create an original work that analyzes the provided translated materials.

Pro-Russian Civil Resistance Handbook

The unattributed translated handbook provides insights into potential pro-Russian stay-behind civil resistance measures in areas recovered by Ukrainian forces as part of their ongoing operations to regain territorial integrity. All hyperlinks have been disabled.

For more information please read the published Insights here.

Request Translation Access

Requests for access to the translations should be made via an official government, military, or educational institution email address to
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