IW Sustainment Working Group.

Sustainment Working Group

The Irregular Warfare Center hosts the Irregular Warfare Sustainment Working Group, an initiative logistics and sustainment in IW. This working group focuses on logistics, supply, and sustainment issues in austere, contested, and denied environments with the goal of fostering collaboration from across the Department of Defense, the U.S. interagency, partner and ally nations, nonprofits and nongovernmental organizations, the private sector and industry, and academia. The IWC has hosted two Sustainment Working Group meetings so far, one in late 2023 and one in early 2024.


IW Sustainment Working Group event reports are available for limited distribution. To request access to the reports, please email info@irregularwarfarecenter.org using an official email with your name and organization of work. Distribution will not be considered for personal emails.


The IWC is actively planning to host future conferences for the Sustainment Working Group.

Request Event Report

Requests for access to the Sustainment WG reports should be made via an official government, military, or educational institution email address to
containing the individual's full name, title, name of the government or education organization the individual is affiliated with, and phone number.