TILT-C Course Introduction

TILT-C Course Introduction

Today’s leaders need a new way to think about and address irregular aspects of competition and conflict. The current problem-solving techniques and planning models are not adequate for addressing the depth of irregular challenges facing the nation. TILT-C is an innovative design thinking program that will foster a paradigm shift in the way leaders think about and confront these Irregular challenges.

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Transformational Irregular Warfare Leaders Thought Course (TILT-C).

TILT-C Purpose:

Develop select senior US Government leaders from across the departments and agencies to collectively understand and apply irregular warfare as both a tool of US policy (including policy design and implementation via the execution of strategies and campaigns), as well as its uses by near-peer adversaries against the US. This five-day course uses dynamic and hands-on real-world IW problems to allow participants to design policies, strategies, or campaigns.

Program of Instruction

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

TILT-C Interagency Small Group

(1-2 seats per organization)

Interested in Participating In or Hosting the Course?

For individuals wishing to participate in a TILT-C listed on the events page, please send for full name, rank/title, position, phone/email, organization, and event they are interested in attending.

For organizations seeking to run a TILT-C, please send the organization (or organizations for combined events), name, location, focus area, preferred classification level, and point of contact info - Full name, rank/title, position, and phone/email.