IW 101 Has Launched

IW 101 Has Launched

The Irregular Warfare Center (IWC) has just launched its first openly available online course and it is called Irregular Warfare 101 or IW101. This course is meant for both military and civilians of all ranks and all grades, as well as our partners and allies.

IW101 offers an introduction to the fundamental aspects of Irregular Warfare and it consolidates key concepts from U.S. policy, doctrine, and academia in about 90 minutes. This course has three sections which include 1) strategic competition, forms of warfare and definition and nature of IW, 2) describing IW operations and activities, and 3) discussing the global practitioners of IW and trends.

IW 101 is available on the Defense Security Cooperation University virtual classroom called MyDSCU and can be accessed by registering at this link and then searching for Irregular Warfare 101 Course.

IW 101 is accessible via computer, tablet, or smartphone and is the first in a series of IW courses from the Irregular Warfare Center, whose abbreviated mission is to serve as the central mechanism for developing the Department of Defense’s (DoD) IW knowledge.