The Irregular Warfare Center Announces Initial Operational Capacity

The Irregular Warfare Center Announces Initial Operational Capacity

The newly established Irregular Warfare Center (IWC) reached initial operating capacity Oct. 31, 2022 as the Center launches operationally in a virtual presence, where it will function until a physical location is finalized.

The IWC serves as the central mechanism for developing the Department of Defense’s (DOD) irregular warfare knowledge and advancing the Department’s understanding of irregular warfare concepts and doctrine in collaboration with key allies and partners.

The Center’s foundation is built upon 3 main pillars:

  • AMPLIFY and collaborate to build an innovative and adaptable global networked IW community of interest.
  • Strategically ILLUMINATE current and future irregular threats, crises, and obstacles.
  • ADDRESS current and future irregular threats to the US, allies, and partners by providing optionality to leaders.

The IWC will feature world-class research, rigorous analysis, tailored education, and international engagement to strengthen the United States’ network of international security partners. Additionally, the Center is designed to amplify the Department’s existing Regional Defense Fellowship Program (RDFP) and be complementary to the DoD Regional Centers (RCs) for Security Studies. The IWC will serve as the only global DOD center, which works in close collaboration to amplify Regional Centers’ IW efforts.

The Center’s research will tackle the challenges and threats faced by the U.S. and its allies and partners as they protect their security, stability, and democratic principles. Based on this research, the IWC will support adjustments to Department policies and doctrine, and provide advanced irregular warfare education with allies and partners, facilitated by expert practitioners, to support innovative and practical responses to emerging challenges.