Call for Nominations

Call for Nominations

The Irregular Warfare Center (IWC) is committed to enhancing irregular warfare (IW) knowledge through academic partnerships to facilitate research on IW and strategic competition and continue to engage with U.S. and international universities. The IWC – a component of the U.S. Defense Security Cooperation University – is pleased to invite nominations for participation in the inaugural Irregular Warfare Colloquium, to be held in the Washington, DC on July 27-28, 2023.

Themes of particular interest to the Center for this colloquium include cyber operations; information and influence operations; resistance movements and occupation; proxy warfare; strategic competition below the threshold of war; and women, peace, and security. Nominees should propose topics that explore one or more of these themes and explain how their research might enhance the ability of the United States, its allies, and its partners, to address the challenges posed by irregular warfare. 

Nominees accepted for participation in the colloquium will be placed in small groups with nominees from other academic institutions who share similar research interests and complementary capabilities. Attendees will be expected to give a brief presentation on their ongoing work to serve as the basis for peer discussions and planning for further research. These presentations can draw on the participants’ research in any stage of its development and can be based on preliminary prospectuses, case studies, theses and dissertations, working papers, or other unpublished work.

While we are particularly interested in participation from graduate students and postdocs, promising undergraduates and interested faculty will also be considered. Students should be nominated by faculty members, while faculty may self-nominate. Participation is open to students and faculty from both U.S. and international colleges and universities.

The IWC will reimburse the costs of transportation, hotels, meals, and incidentals. Attendees who then publish their research in a peer-reviewed journal or a major online forum will receive an honorarium.

Nominations for each proposed participant must include the following: name, CV, and a description (no more than 250 words) describing the nominees’ research and how it contributes to our understanding of contemporary irregular warfare challenges. Nominations received by June 15th, 2023 will receive full consideration, with decisions to be announced shortly after the deadline. Nominations should be submitted to

Process and timeline

Now—Submit nominations

  • Nominate a graduate student or postdoc to contribute to one of the above listed categories: Cyber Operations; Information and Influence Operations; Resistance Movements and Occupation; Proxy Warfare; Strategic Competition Below the Threshold of War; and Women, Peace, And Security
  • Deliver a proposal (size of proposal includes the 250-word description)

July—Participate in Colloquium

  • Come prepared to present your work, whether completed in progress, or preliminary.
  • Discuss your proposals, give and receive feedback, and interact with subject matter experts and practitioners

Post-Colloquium—Stay in touch!

  • Work singly or in teams to produce a peer reviewed publishable paper to be accepted for publication during 2024.
  • Authors who publish papers resulting from the colloquium in peer-reviewed outlets will be awarded with an honorarium
  • Publication resulting from the colloquium may be promoted on the IWC website and social media

Please address specific questions to: