FY24 SOD-A Education and Engagement Planning

IWC staff will coordinate with staff and commander of SOD-A on IW linked education and events that are critical engagements for FY24 and to enhance our efforts across the continent of Africa.

Joint Staff Irregular Warfare Working Group

The IWC is participating in the JS IW-SFA WG collaborative monthly meeting with stakeholders from DoD, IA, and Allies to address and coordinate IW policy, doctrine, and other critical IW issues relevant to US National Security.

Irregular Warfare Colloquium

Washington, DC

The Irregular Warfare Center (IWC) is committed to enhancing irregular warfare (IW) knowledge through academic partnerships to facilitate research on IW and strategic competition and continue to engage with U.S. and international universities. The IWC is pleased to invite nominations for participation in this event. Themes of particular interest to the Center for this colloquium include cyber operations; information and […]

IW Medical Resiliency Wargame

Bethesda, MD

IWC will host an IW Medical Resiliency Wargame event in Bethesda, MD with key U.S. Medical Stakeholders from the previous IW Medical Working Group. The Wargames will facilitate key leaders’ strategic austere medical decisions to validate capabilities, identify critical gaps and develop TTPs for operational medics with focus on survivability, restricted communications, clandestine evacuation, and prolonged field care.

Hybrid CoE & US NPS Wargaming Courses (Basic & Advanced)

Helsinki, Finland

The IWC is sponsoring a Wargaming course in conjunction with the US Naval Postgraduate School (NPS), with the Hybrid CoE hosting two courses in Helsinki to teach the tools and techniques of wargaming in a hybrid threat environment. An essential tool for planning and decision-making, the course for sponsors around the world has been conducted by NPS since 2006. The […]

IW Logistics Resiliency Working Group

Bethesda, MD

IWC will host an initial working group for IW Logistics interested stakeholders in Bethesda, MD. The working group will consist of subject matter experts from DoD, IA, Industry, and other departments to converge and discuss logistics authorities, policy, doctrine and TTPs and determine critical gaps and capabilities in order to operate, train and or educate partner & ally forces on […]

FLINTLOCK Initial Planning Conference

Amsterdam, Netherlands

FLINTLOCK is the capstone multinational Special Operations forces exercise on the continent of Africa with over 29 partner nations and the IWC has been asked to provide education and assistance in coordination with SOD-Africa. Our center looks forward to providing world class education and support for this critical even in April 2024 in support of SOCAFRICA and our U.S. Security […]